Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Prayer Update 9/30/08

Featured Church/Mission: Free Grace Presbyterian Mission, Lewiston, ME (submitted by Pastor Per Almquist)
1. Praise that we can see God's hand at work in our lives, the lives of the people of Free Grace, and in our community. We continue to see his grace and glory shine through our weakness and brokenness.
2. For continual deepening of our relationships with others in the community. That God would continue to draw people into his church through his people.
3. For many in our group who are struggling with life. That we all would place our trust and faith in God and not in finances, health, etc. Pray especially as we begin preparing for what is forecasted as a cold winter and heating homes is a major source of concern for many in our community and at Free Grace.
4. For us to continue to look to God to provide all that we need to do his work. That we would not place our trust in our plans, pledges, etc. but continue to look to him at all times - especially as we come out of an expensive summer of ministry with some loss of donations.
5. For Ken and Linda Morris as they seek to sell their home in Missouri, raise the last 25% of their support, and prepare to move to Maine to begin their counseling ministry.

Featured Potential Church Planting Site: Burlington, VT
1. Pray that God’s grace would be known among the people of Burlington.
2. Pray for the students, faculty, administration, and staff at the University of Vermont.
2. Pray for the progress of the church in that region and the direction of the Holy Spirit regarding church planting there.

MNA Committee work:
1. Pray for God’s direction and guidance in the next committee meeting on October 9.
2. Pray for the committee members as they make initial contacts with potential prayer and financial support partners.
3. Pray for the identification of individuals interested in serving the church in northern New England.

New Free Grace Presbyterian Newsletter

Read the latest update on the work in Lewiston from Church Planter Per Almquist.