Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Prayer Update - May 27, 2009

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Featured Church/Mission: Hope Presbyterian Church (Pastor Chris Robinson)
1. That the Hope congregation would approach God with confident reverence in worship, and would approach Portsmouth with expectant contentment that those who are His sheep will hear His voice and come to Him.
2. That God would use our door-to-door evangelism in conjunction with our website to make known His free invitation to Hope.
3. That the Peacemaker study would have a sanctifying effect in the lives of the small group members.
4. That the Lord would keep us faithfully and diligently serving as those who are sent by Christ to shine in the darkness.
5. That God would use our booth and our presence at Market Square Day on June 13 to make evident the joy of life in Christ.

Featured Potential Church Planting Site: Montpelier, Vermont
1. Pray for the work of God’s Spirit among the people of Vermont’s capital city.
2. Pray for the leaders of the Vermont government including Governor Jim Douglas.
3. Pray for God’s blessing upon the church in northern Vermont.
4. Pray that God would bring forward church planters for this region of northern New England in due season.

MNA Committee work:Pray for the committee’s upcoming meeting on June 11 and the committee’s ongoing work with men interested in ministering in the region.

Summer Ministries:
1. Pray for the day camp of Faith Presbyterian Church (Lancaster, NH) schedule for June 22-26. Pray for the 25-35 children expected to attend, especially the half or so that are anticipated to be from non-church families. Pray for the provision of needed financial support for the free camp (contact Pastor Mike Kooy – – to help in this effort).
2. Pray for the summer internship of seminary student Mike Viera at Grace Presbyterian Church in Laconia.
3. Pray for the summer internship of seminary student Ted Ogley at First Presbyterian Church in Concord.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Prayer Update - May 13, 2009

For more information on our presbytery, please visit our website:

Featured Church/Mission: Trinity Presbyterian Church (Pastor Seth Anderson)
1. That we as a congregation would live in such a way that Jesus Christ is Lord of our lives.
2. That we would seek to share our faith with those in our community.
3. Pray for protection from the Evil One and failure of his attempts to cause division.
4. Pray that we would be completely humble and gentle, bearing with one another in love.

Featured Potential Church Planting Site: Burlington, Vermont
1. Pray that God’s grace would be known among the people of Burlington.
2. Pray for the students, faculty, administration, and staff at the University of Vermont.
2. Pray for the progress of the church in that region and the direction of the Holy Spirit regarding church planting there.

MNA Committee work:
Pray for the committee’s meeting on Thursday, May 14. Pray for further progress toward planting new churches in the region, consideration of the next steps for filling open pulpits in the non-PCA church in our region, and ways that the presbytery can be involved on the major college campuses of our region.