Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Prayer Update - June 10, 2009

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Featured Church/Mission: Grace Presbyterian Church, Laconia, NH (Pastor Andy Wilson)
1. Covenant Children: We are very thankful for the number of children that have been added to our congregation over the past few years. Please pray for parents to be faithful in the Christian nurture of their children and pray for those who will serve as Sunday School teachers beginning this fall. Also, pray for the Lord’s protection and care for the four women in our church who are currently expecting.
2. Leadership: Pray that the Lord would grant our session the wisdom, energy, and love that we need to shepherd this congregation. Pray that the Lord would raise up additional elders and deacons for our congregation through the officer training classes that is beginning this month.
3. Outreach: Pray for the members of our church to be bold and intentional about speaking to their non-Christian neighbors, co-workers, and acquaintances about Christ and inviting them to our church.
4. Pray for our summer intern, Mike Viera, along with his wife Andrea and their three children.

Featured Potential Church Planting Site: Berlin, New Hampshire
1. Pray for the work of God’s Spirit in the north country of New Hampshire and especially in the town of Berlin.
2. Pray for good economic opportunities for the people of Berlin and the surrounding region.
3. Pray for the resources necessary for the planting of churches in the rural regions of northern New England.

Featured Potential College Ministry Site: Bates College
1. Pray for the students, faculty, and staff of Bates College as they prepare for the upcoming academic year.
2. Pray for the Intervarsity Christian Fellowship group at Bates and for a strong evangelical witness among the student population there.
3. Pray for the encouragement of Christian students at the school.

MNA Committee work:
Pray for tomorrow’s (June 11) committee meeting and the follow-up from it.

Summer Ministries:
1. Pray for the day camp of Faith Presbyterian Church in Lancaster, NH schedule for June 22-26. Pray for the 25-35 children expected to attend, especially the half or so that are anticipated to be from non-church families. Pray for the provision of needed financial support for the free camp (contact Pastor Mike Kooy – – to help in this effort).
2. Pray for the summer internship of seminary student Ted Ogley at First Presbyterian Church in Concord.