Friday, March 27, 2009

Prayer Update - March 27, 2009

Featured Church/Mission: Church of the Redeemer, Manchester, NH (Pastor Jon Taylor)
1. We praise God for his provision of a 24/7 facility in the heart of the city for office, worship and ministry!
2. Please pray for God to bless our efforts to meet and reach the people in the neighborhoods around Maple and Beech streets.
3. Please pray for a children's outreach during Spring break and a Kids' Club we're planning for the summer.
4. Pray for God to connect our men and grow us in leadership as we begin some new accountability groups.
5. Pray for two elder candidates and two deacon candidates that are training for leadership and for our plans for particularization later this year.

Featured Potential Church Planting Site: Augusta, Maine
1. Pray for God’s blessing upon the people of Augusta, the capital of Maine.
2. Pray for the leaders of Maine, including Governor John Baldacci and Senators Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe.
2. Pray for the students, faculty, administration, and staff of the University of Maine-Augusta and for the campus ministries active at the school.

MNA Committee work:
1. Pray for the committee’s next meeting on April 9 and the committee’s continued work with the group of men interested in being involved in ministry in our region.
2. Pray for Lance Collins and his family (from South Carolina) as they visit Exeter Presbyterian Church the weekend of April 4 to explore the possibility of Lance doing an internship at EPC.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Prayer Update - March 6, 2009

Featured Church/Mission: Faith Presbyterian Church, Lancaster, NH (Pastor Mike Kooy)
1. Pray for our church to be bold with the Gospel in our community. Pray that the Lord would draw people to Himself and bring visitors to our church from our community.
2. Pray for continued financial support for our church. Ask the Lord to provide work for people in our congregation and in this community. Pray also for the additional funds needed for health insurance for our pastor.
3. Pray that the Lord would bless our Day Camp, which runs from June 22-26. Ask the Lord to supply us with the help we need to run the camp. Pray also for many unbelieving children to come to the camp to hear the Gospel and for us to make contact with their parents and other family members.
4. Pray for continued unity in our church and a deeper desire to glorify God in all areas of our lives.

Featured Potential Church Planting Site: Upper Valley of New Hampshire and Vermont
1. Pray for God’s blessing upon people of Hanover and Lebanon, NH, and White River Junction, VT.
2. Pray for the progress of the Gospel on the campus of Dartmouth College and the Christian campus ministries there.
2. Pray for the reformation of the church in the Upper Valley region.

MNA Committee work:
Pray for the committee’s meeting on the 12th and the committee’s work with the group of men interested in being involved in ministry in our region.